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Tickets Sales Terms & Conditions

Payment: All payments through our ticketing services are made directly to the organizers. It is advisable that the user verifies the availability, authenticity and safety of the event. The ticketing services are provided only as an added convenience for the users and NAR8IVE does not verify the events and the payments made.

Liability of refund for cancellation of the events: All the events listed on NAR8IVE are posted by the organizers. All tickets sold through NAR8IVE are created, priced and handled by the organizers themselves. The transaction of fund for tickets are directly made to the organizer's account. The organizers are liable for refund of the amount for the ticket in case of any cancellation of the event. NAR8IVE is in no way responsible for any such disputes

Redirecting to other websites: The events listing may contain links to other websites outside the company domain and NAR8IVE does not take any responsibility for the authentication and safety of usage for such third party websites.

Portal access restrictions: NAR8IVE reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the access to the website and the related services or any portion thereof at any time, without notice.

Control over the ticketing service: NAR8IVE does not control the availability of tickets, pricing and authenticity. The users are hereby advised to verify the same at their own discretions.

Event restrictions: Please check the restrictions for admission rights into the events by the organizer, like age, dress code etc. before buying the tickets. The organizer reserves all rights to allow participation in their events.

Organizers Payout: For Indian Event Organizers, payouts of the ticket transactions happened on & after 1st October 2018 will be as per the Indian government guidelines. So, in case if the event organizer has not submitted their GST Registration number in their billing profile, they are required to update it with a valid GST Number from their Payout Settings on will deduct 1% as the Tax at Source ('TCS') on the transaction made through our platform. This is applicable to all the event organizers who are selling tickets through (Only for Indian events/ Organizers)

Billing and delivery: The billing and delivery of tickets will be done by the organizer and will not be handled by NAR8IVE. Please contact the organizer directly in case of any issues.

Modification of terms and conditions: NAR8IVE reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at its own discretion. We are not liable to notify the users once the changes take effect.

Jurisdiction: All disputes arising out of the ticketing services will be handled by the organizers themselves and NAR8IVE will not be a part of it whatsoever. In case NAR8IVE is responsible, the agreement and each term shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of India without reference to conflict of laws principles and disputes arising in relation hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Mumbai.

Making Your Booking:
  • All tickets sold through NAR8IVE are created, priced and handled by the organizers themselves. NAR8IVE is not responsible for the event which will be held at a venue declared by the concerned authorities. All orders are subject to availability, acceptance, and rejection of order by the organizer. By ordering tickets you agree, on your own behalf and as agent on behalf of all the customers for whom you are purchasing tickets or who will be holding tickets purchased by you, to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  • Abiding by the age restrictions is mandatory, which applies to the venue where the event is being conducted. We shall use reasonable efforts to provide details of age restrictions, but it should be your responsibility to know the age parameters which are applicable to the entry

  • After purchasing the ticket from NAR8IVE site, subject to the availability at advertised rates and quantity and checking the transaction status, we will provide confirmation of the sale of the ticket. 

  • Accepting your request to buy the ticket, we charge you with face value of advertised ticket rate with clearly itemized booking fee. Booking fee is a separate charge made for facilitating the booking and is inclusive of Tax. The receipt of the face value of the booking charge can be collected from the event management/organizer/promoter.

  • The confirmation of your booking is done with a unique booking reference code which will be valid only after the payment is processed and accepted.

Sale of Tickets:
  • NAR8IVE doesn't hold any control over management and maintenance of the venue otherwise agreed upon. NAR8IVE doesn't hold any control over the organization and management of the event. We, our employees or agents shall not be liable or have forced responsibility for any death, personal injury, loss or damage caused at the event, neither any grievances, refunds, exchange or claims for any reasons, whatsoever. Booking fees and handling fees are not refundable, but any other refunds can be made only at event management/organizer/promoter's account and discretion.

  • Exchange, resell and transfer of tickets can be done only at the discretion of the organizer. NAR8IVE and the organizer reserves the rights of cancellation or holding entry under mentioned circumstances.

  • In case the event is postponed or cancelled for whatsoever reasons and under all such circumstances, a Postponement Publicity Notice or Cancellation Publicity Notice shall be given in media by the event management/organizer/promoter. In such circumstances, NAR8IVE and the customer will have to be notified as soon as the public announcement is made and/or the cancellation decision is made.

  • NAR8IVE is not obligated and liable to make any refund at any event, as authorised by a prior written agreement and mutual understanding with event management/organizer/promoter. The organiser is liable to place notices regarding the procedures and time period of claiming refund, under exclusive discretion.

General Terms And Conditions For Affiliate Network:
  • Each Affiliate is provided with a unique link for each event. These links will be used to track sales for particular events. Affiliate sales shall be counted from the date the organizer has accepted their promotion and not for the past dates or events. Affiliates shall be paid on confirmed sales after the event has occurred. In case of ticket refunds, affiliate commission will also not be paid or partly paid. However, if any dispute arises, holds the right to state the final decision.

Privacy Policy:
  • The privacy terms apply to and govern the data collection and usage. It is also applicable to the ways in which we protect your personal information.

  • NAR8IVE is committed to protecting your privacy to give you the safest online experience.

  • NAR8IVE collects personally identifiable information, like the e-mail address, name, address, contact information and other aggregated data generated by our system as it tracks traffic through the website.

  • The personally identifiable information is collected to deliver the services you have requested for and to provide customer support. NAR8IVE does not sell, rent or lease the customer information to the third-parties.

  • You are opting in for event updates or related communication when you subscribe any city, follow any user/organizer/event/venue, log in to the platform, book or try to book tickets for any event. 

  • We may share the collected information with event management/organizer/promoter as necessary for the purposes of the event. We will not share the information for marketing and promotional purposes without your consent (as part of booking process or otherwise).

  • No disclosure of personally identifiable information is undertaken by NAR8IVE, without notice, only if required to do abiding the law or in good faith if such action is necessary to protect and defend the rights or property of NAR8IVE.

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